What Makes Us Different


Our Solutions - Simple and Powerful

Small, Medium, or Large to meet all your needs...our solution packages are based on our key principals:




Our hybrid systems are designed to quickly deploy as 

On-Grid, Off-Grid, or completely mobile. .


Electric Vehicle Technology

We built these power systems based on years of experience building battery systems for electric trucks.   

What makes us different?

  • 30% faster solar charging 
  • 5 times faster AC charging
  • 40%  reduction in fuel costs (when used only with gas generator)

…there is nothing more powerful. 


Hybrid Technology is the Future.

There is no single solution that solves the power needs of the future better than Ape Energy hybrid systems.  

Want to go off-grid? Simply plug in solar panels 

Want backup power on your home? Simply plug in your home

Need power in the field quickly? Simply Charge-N-Go